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Mystical Me Accelerator: 1on1 Program

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What is this??

A 12 or 24-week 1:1 hybrid coaching/therapy/development program; *Mystical Me Accelerator is where you can learn the ins and outs of your spirituality and personal power, how to practice, access & apply it in your life to create health, happiness and balance in every area. Along with discovering your natural psychic gifts (everyone has a unique psychic/Intuitive connection and can learn how to tap into it), you'll also get the accelerated crash course in whichever Spiritual topics are of interest to you. In addition to learning, practicing and growing alongside Janessa, you'll also have dedicated time for interpersonal spiritual therapies/healings/integrations as you require it. Whether you’re just starting out on this Spiritual Journey or you're ready to make big changes in your life and really step into the full expression of your divine nature, this is the perfect program to rapidly transform your life. This program is meant to guide and assist you from wherever you are, to help you get to where you want to GROW. This 1:1 coaching Accelerator is a Soul Alignment & Life Path Discovery program. It is the intensive & in-depth hybridized version of regular readings & teachings, and Spiritual counselling/therapy altogether. It is the equivalent of 24 hours 1:1 with Janessa over 12 or 24 weeks (your choice), which adds up to $2600+ if scheduled individually. *This program saves you $1300+ in a condensed timeframe and offers equal payments at no extra cost*


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Mystical Me Accelerator 1-1 Plan

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