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Manifestation Mastery

Learn to use the Lunar Cycles to manifest anything you desire, in less time. 

Make your dreams a reality, heal your body, mind and spirit, and live out your highest potential. 

Manifest all of your desires under the Moon's Mystic and Magical influence! 

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But my results felt pretty weak.

I mean, I won't lie. I for sure had some successes. Of course, all of those things I was doing helped. Yes, they definitely have power and can create some change, and I was feeling pretty satisfied with the feelings of creating. But I wasn’t anywhere near the manifesting machine that I was told I could be. 

Something felt off after a while....


Like I was working too hard to allow and receive the abundance I desired. 

I wondered if I was living out some kind of karma, where this was just the highest level of abundance available to me in this life…

And it wasn’t a mindset thing. I had mastered the mindset. 

I knew how to focus my attention on ONLY my desires, not the lack of them. 

In fact, I was happy to just have something that felt so good to focus on, I was genuinely happy with my life and I really didn’t need the actual material manifestations to show up to feel the abundance.

BUT.. my clients did. My friends did. My family did. 

So I felt an obligation to help even more.


It wasn’t enough for them to be happy in the practice. The journey was not enjoyable for them as it was for me. And of course, teaching them to master their mindset would have brought them closer to the feeling, which is what we were working on.

There was something else that I felt we were missing....

I believe in instant manifestation. 

I believe we can quantum leap and skip the baby steps. 

I believe in rapid transformation and miracles. 


So I believed that we could figure out how to speed the process up. Like there was something more powerful and available to us than what I had access to. Like we didn’t need to do so much work, to feel the rewards.

BUT, something else was nagging me in the back of my mind.

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