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  • Mystical Me Accelerator 1-1 Plan

    Every month
    Need to break up your payments? Use this empowerment plan to keep the bank account happy as you grow
    Valid for 3 months
    • 12-24 weeks - readings, healing, coaching & therapies.
    • Weekly OR Bi-weekly sessions with integration homework.
    • Customized for you, your questions & relevant life events.
    • Hybrid- readings, learning, talking, and practicing.
    • Can be BOTH business & personal in nature, up to you.
    • Custom goals & growth indicators with reviews & adaptability
    • A clear outcome & timeframe for reaching your milestones.
    • Mutual commitment to your desires & evolution.
    • 90-min meetings instead of standard 60-min options otherwise
    • Easy payment plan option to help with prioritization.
    • VIP schedule access & 1-1 client privileges. No waitlist.
  • Mystical Me Accelerator 6month Pay-Plan

    Every month
    Break your enrolment fees up into six separate monthly payments of $555
    Valid for 6 months
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