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Couples/Double Astrology Chart Reading

An individual Natal Chart reading, done together.

  • 2 hr
  • 133 Canadian dollars
  • Online Connection|The NRG-HUB

Service Description

Since the beginning of time, humans have looked to the heavens for guidance. The interpretation of the cosmos was one of the earliest sciences and has only in recent history been removed from the Science of Astronomy & Psychology. Astrology is the study of the correlation between the Astronomical positions of the planets and events on earth. Astrologers believe that the positions of the Sun, Moon, and Planets at the time of a person’s birth have a direct influence on that person’s character. These positions are thought to contribute to each characteristic of each individual on earth. These planetary influences determine personality traits, and individual processes of feelings, emotions & passions. The cosmos affect how each of us thinks, acts, behaves and wants. Our desires, our tendencies, our perspectives, and our unique communication styles are all pre-determined and influenced by the planetary placements in your birth chart. The things you enjoy, your dislikes, what you want to do, and who you want to be. What you're interested in, what you're good at, what drives you and what you're here to learn can all be present in your Astrological Natal chart. Understanding your Cosmic Blue Print through the Astrological Natal Chart can be life-changing. Most people aren't fully aware that they are the culmination of more than just Carbon DNA and environmental conditioning on this planet; but also of Cosmic DNA & Subconcous Astral Imprinting. When a person discovers who they are, and why they are the way they are, it can be very liberating and insightful. Astrology offers a lens of pure compassion and acceptance for yourself and for others, alongside a retrospective understanding of past events and anticipation/preparation for future transits & paths forward. This Astrology Reading is meant for couples (or any two people) who want to have their individual Birth Charts read at the same time. Perfect as a fun date, a gift for a friend, or just something new and exciting to do with another person. It is 90 minutes long, offers 2 natal chart readings & allows time for Q&A discussion. **This is NOT a Synastry Reading. Relationship astrology, AKA "Synastry", is all about understanding the dynamics at play when two people come together through a compatibility lens and is available to book through the Synastry Reading option.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to reschedule please let me know ASAP. I am very flexible, but do ask that you respect the intricacies of managing a business schedule alongside family/children/life etc. The more heads up & transparency, the better we can find a rescheduling option that suits each of us. Thank you for the professional courtesy and mutual respect. Please know, I respect and value you, your time and energy and your goals. I am committed to serving you the best that I can. Your privacy, satisfaction and comfort is always my top priority. I'm really looking forward to our time together.

Contact Details

  • The NRG-Hub, Victoria Street, Kamloops, BC, Canada


  • 219 Victoria Street #7, Kamloops, BC, Canada


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