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I see you found my Magic Card!?

It was a great decision to scan the code.

Once you fill out the form, you'll receive your 25% off Booking Link via email.

Here's how this works:

You get to choose which session you want to save 25% off when you book

You can choose between any of the following 60-minute healing, reading or therapeutic sessions.

- Astrology Natal chart reading

- Intuitive Card reading

- Elemental/Auric/Chakra reading

- Reiki healing massage

- Therapeutic Spiritual Counselling session.

Let's answer some of those most common FAQ's shall we??

1) Create an NRG-HUb account and begin wracking up MoneyMagic points. You earn points on just about anything you do from within the website, as long as you're logged in. Use your points as discounts on any/all future bookings/products/sign-ups.

3) The QR code you just scanned, will not expire. Scan &  book through this link anytime you're ready. 

4) This link will only expire once you've booked your first session. You will only be able to use this specific 25% off link ONCE.

It will update & save to your account.


5) BUT!! you can then pass the Business Card onto others so they can scan & save on their first visit too!


Create your personalized account HERE, and start collecting MoneyMagic!

Nicely Done!! You just earned 25 MoneyMagic Points.

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