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Is Meditation a Fad?

Updated: May 19, 2023

Have you heard about Meditation so often now that it sort of feels like a fad??

It's everywhere.. something that used to be so fringe and obscure or reserved for a small group of people, is literally EVERYWHERE.

If you're like me (rather, like I used to be) you might be wondering WHY experts (and even the average person with no agenda) goes on and on about it like it's the winning ingredient for just about any sort of success, accomplishment, or perfect health.

So, let’s explore it, shall we?

Meditation has numerous benefits for the mind, body and soul, that's been proven over and over.

Here are 3 major benefits meditation offers according to "the Internet" !

🌟 Reduces stress and anxiety:

Meditation can help calm the mind, slow down racing thoughts, and promote relaxation, which in turn can reduce stress and anxiety levels.

🌟 Improves focus and concentration:

It trains the mind to stay present and focused in the moment. This can help with productivity, learning, and other cognitive tasks.

🌟 Enhances overall well-being:

Including increased feelings of happiness, greater self-awareness, and improved emotional regulation. This leads to lower blood pressure & inflammation, better sleep, and many other notable markers of optimal health.

Of course all of this is true. But despite knowing this, most people have a hard time ACTUALLY sticking to a meditation routine. Most people are so stressed out and anxious, they can't focus on one thing for long, and their health is directly impacted by it.

Isn't it ironic? Don't ya think?

(Good luck getting THAT song out of your head today 🤣😘)

So why is there so much resistance to making meditation a non-negotiable, if it is apparently the "answer" to all of the problems?

Here's what you won't find on the internet.. not the first page of a google search anyways. You'd have to dig to find these conversations..

Your resistance to Meditation comes from a place inside of you that is running your default network that you're not even aware of.

Your ego..

Your ego is the little survival setting in your brain, that translates messages from your nervous system. It has one job. Keep you safe.

And Meditation is the master kill switch for an activated nervous system. So when you start to meditate, your ego goes rogue. It'll tell you all kinds of stories about why you can't do it in an attempt to stay online and keep your nervous system activated, because it's been trained (by life) to assume you're in danger at all times. It can't keep you safe, if it can't access the information in your environment through your nervouse system.

Racing thoughts? Anxiety? Can't focus ? That's ALL thanks to your ego.

So here's what Meditation REALLY does for you. According to me. On the internet.

✨ Separates the voice of your ego from your Intuition within your mind. Allows you to recognise the REAL story of your life, from the false narrative your ego's been hooked on.

And that's pretty much it. There's many other ways to describe that feeling and the process. But it's all the same.

Meditation isolates your ego, moves it aside and allows your inner being to communicate with you through your intuition. And doing this for even as little as 5 minutes a day, is like plugging your whole system into the universal energy outlet and recharging yourself with wisdom, clarity and love.

This is the definition of being in alignment. When the physical you is in alignment with the non-physical you. But you can't line up with non-physical when your ego runs the show. Plain and simple..

So THAT is why Meditation is everywhere. Maybe it is a fad, maybe most people aren't sticking to it but they're preaching it. Who knows, but the reason you're hearing about it like it's the "cure", is because in an oversimplified way, it really really is.

Now who wants to Meditate??

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