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Grounding Meditation

This Grounding Meditation is a beneficial practice for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being that involves connecting with one's core self and the earth's energy simultaneously.


This meditation helps reduce stress levels, clear the mind of negative thoughts and emotions, and increase emotional stability by providing a peaceful, calming and centering experience that helps you to stay rooted and connected to the present moment.


Additionally, listening to this grounding meditation helps to bring awareness to your body, your soul and the earth beneath your feet and creates a sense of safety and security within your nervous system for a deep sense of groundedness and balance.


By using this recording to bring your nervous system up into the ventral-parasympathetic state, your body can then provide insight and clarity for intuitive connection, open your mind up to better decision-making processes and generally bring a more holistic sense of balance into your life.


Listen daily and as needed or wanted. 

Grounding Meditation

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