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How To Use The Lunar Cycles To Manifest Health, Money, Abundance & Happiness. 

In this guide, you're going to learn how to use the power of the lunar cycles for manifestation so you can create more financial, spiritual, and intuitive success in your own life, just like I have done. I'll teach you how to align with the phases of the moon and harness the full expression of the lunar aspects of your own cosmic design, to bring your body back into connection with universal energy. 


When I finally learned how to trust my intuition & follow my cosmic design, I made it an integral part of how I approach everything I do, and I began to experience and see evidence of abundance, freedom, happiness and joy in every area of my life. I also experienced the full restoration of my physical health.


It doesn't matter who you are. Whether you're a Mom, Wife, Student, Entrepreneur, Wanting to start a business, Working on a career, Looking for work, Wanting to relocate, or simply looking to bring in more money, love, happiness, joy and connection into your life, you can create abundant experiences, heal your body and attract anything you desire by using this guide.


The Full Moon Magic Manifestation Guide is 46 pages packed with information most people don't even know about.

- You'll learn about the magical divine power of the Moon's energetic force in our lives. 

- You'll learn how our bodies are naturally connected to the Moon's magnetic energy.

- You'll learn how the phases of the Moon influence our phases of mental focus and physical energy.

- You'll have exact directions for creating both New Moon & Full Moon rituals.

- Each New & Full Moon Ritual has over 25 journal prompts for intention setting, healing, abundance and manifestation.

- AND over 25 affirmations for gratitude, self-love, healing, abundance mindset reprogramming. 

PLUS very special bonuses:

- A New Moon Meditation Audio for energetic alignment. Listen to this meditation during your New Moon Ritual and bring your body into vibrational harmony with the Moon, and begin to match its frequency for rapid healing & letting go. 

- A Full Moon Meditation Audio for energetic alignment. Listen to this meditation during your Full Moon Ritual and bring your body into vibrational harmony with the Moon, and begin to match its frequency for rapid manifestation & transformation. 


If you've been stuck going through the same old routines and feel like you're just not making progress in ANY area of your life, then this Moon Magic Manifestation Guide is for you. Apply the teachings within this guide, focusing the methods on whatever desire you have, and repeat the processes with each Lunar Cycle throughout the next year and you will see rapid growth, healing, and transformation as your desires come into existence. You'll experience the full magic & power of not just the Moon, but of yourself. Everything you've ever wanted is already inside of you, this guide will help you align with the Cosmic Force of the Moon and your inner wisdom, clarity and magnetism will begin to let itself out. The life you've always wanted, is waiting for you just inside these pages. Go and Get it. XO Janessa 

Moon Magic Manifestation Guide

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